About Beanpot Hoops

Welcome to Beanpot Hoops, which is launching for the 2013-14 basketball season.

Beanpot Hoops will provide insightful stories and commentary about college basketball around Boston. Its primary focus is on region’s four Division I teams — Boston College, Boston University, Harvard, and Northeastern — as well as the leagues in which they play. The content on this site will merge numbers and narratives, featuring statistical analysis based on advanced metrics and new research while also including stories of players, coaches, fans, and games.

The inspiration for Beanpot Hoops comes from similar outlets in other areas, including New York City’s Big Apple Buckets and Philadelphia’s City of Basketball Love. The success of those sites has shown how passionate college basketball fans can be, and I want to bring the same type of coverage to Boston.

If you have any thoughts — suggestions on the site, story ideas, or just thoughts on your team — share them in the comments below, on Twitter at @BeanpotHoops, or at beanpothoops@gmail.com. And if you like what you see, spread the word to help Beanpot Hoops get off the ground.


About Me:

Kevin Whitaker has had a lifelong passion for sports analysis and storytelling. An economics major and 2013 graduate of Princeton University, he was the executive sports editor for The Daily Princetonian and wrote weekly sports columns for Princeton Alumni Weekly. He has also interned at Sports Illustrated and written for the Albany Times Union and PBS Newshour Extra. His research paper, “Does a ‘coattail effect’ influence the valuation of players in the Major League Baseball draft?”, was published at the 2013 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.


Follow Kevin at @whitakk


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